Wine Grape Seed Oils

West Briscoe Wine Grape Seed Oils are made in cooperation with Willamette Valley winemakers, who set aside their grape pomace (grape skins, stems, and seeds) for us. We gather the fresh pomace, separate the seeds, and dry them for gentle cold pressing in our oil expeller (no chemical extraction involved).

Fresh Pressed Nut Oils

West Briscoe Fresh-Pressed Nut Oils are made from fine Willamette Valley nuts, toasted to perfection and pressed slowly, with as little heat as possible, in our expeller press (no chemical extraction involved). The bottle contains only the luscious essence of the nut, unrefined, and at peak freshness.

Unrefined Sunflower Seed Oil

Unrefined in the best possible way. We press sunflower seeds with care, then filter the oil simply to preserve all of the nutty, complex flavor. Commercial sunflower seed oil is refined, bleached, deodorized, and otherwise violated to make a neutral oil. This is a shame, because the unrefined oil tastes amazing. Also available toasted, adding a roasted complexity to the already delicious oil.